ERP as a Utility

ERP as a Utility

Cloud ERP has moved beyond the experimentation phase. The rising complexity when implementing and maintaining an ERP landscape along with a rising TCO is forcing enterprises to look for ways to standardize their landscape and optimize assets. Enterprises are accelerating growth by deploying Cloud business systems across their global presence.

To transform the current ERP Landscape of an enterprise we need to look at creating a simple cohesive model for both infrastructure and application solutions. The model should adhere to enterprise level standards and ERP best practices. Also it should be made available on a variable pricing model.

ERP as a Utility
Virtecho has developed the ‘ERP as a Utility’ (EaaU) solution to extend Cloud benefits to the enterprise applications space. The EaaU approach delivers entire hosting, application implementation, application and infrastructure maintenance services in a pay-per-use model. This would significantly reduce upfront CAPEX and provides savings on operational expenses in the long run thereby reducing overall ERP TCO significantly.

Key features:

  • Process Standardization – Standardization of IT Operations
  • On Demand Application and Infrastructure Management-To scale up or scale down to meet dynamic business demands
  • Intelligent Cloud Automation coupled with self-service – Allows users to launch and provision instances at the click of a button
  • Integrated Delivery – Our Innovative Flex Delivery model gives an integrated team for both Infrastructure and Application Maintenance.

Value Proposition

Cost Benefit & Flexible Pricing

  • Up to 25% reduction in ERP TCO
  • Pay per use Pricing

Time to Market

  • 50% faster provisioning of servers as against manual provisioning
  • 50% faster approval cycles using self-service portal for laaS

Scalability and Flexibility

  • Scale up/ down by thousands of virtual machines in matter of minutes

Application Maintenance & Uptime

  • Reduced incidents by 5 to 10% YoY
  • On-time delivery of enhancements improved to 95%

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