Cloud Infra Transformation

Cloud Infra Transformation

Traditionally, Infrastructure Outsourcing Services assume businesses to have unidirectional dynamism with focus on one aspect of Cloud at a time. Hence the entire solution, whether technical or commercial, is built along those lines. The traditional ‘tower’ models will not help leverage benefits across the different layers of business processes, applications and infrastructure, making it critical to have a unified view.

Virtecho, with its in-depth industry and technology expertise, can deliver true multi-directional dynamism, and enable you realize the transformative potential of Cloud computing across Business Processes (BPaaS), Business Applications (SaaS), Middleware (PaaS) and its underlying Infrastructure (IaaS).

Virtecho’s Cloud Enablement Services deliver true transformational value to your IT infrastructure. Virtecho’s approach is to transform IT from a Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) to Operating Expenditure (OPEX), thus allowing you to have a better control over costs. Additionally, our clients experience true Variabilization through agility and scalability in their IT infrastructure, thus enabling them to manage demand fluctuations smoothly.

Transformation through Cloud infrastructure services, for example, changes the behavior of the organization by recapturing shadow IT, eliminating over-engineering, and removing the IT shop as a roadblock to business value realization.

Virtecho’s Cloud Enablement Services include key service offerings such as:

  • Private Cloud Enablement: Virtecho helps enterprises assess, design, plan, implement, and manage private Cloud enabling them to use Cloud for their internal IT services.
  • Workplace Transformation: Leveraging next-generation technologies and practices like Mobility, Enterprise App Store, Virtualization, and BYOD, and various technology innovations enabled by tools and frameworks developed in-house, Virtecho enables organizations transform their end user workplace into a next generation workplace.
  • Hybrid Cloud Management: Virtecho’s Hybrid Cloud Management platform is a shared platform for managing customer assets hosted on both private (on-premise & off-premise) and public Cloud platforms. Driven by a best of breed orchestration engine, the platform serves as a common monitoring and management fabric that facilitates a robust managed operational service for customers leveraging services across different Cloud service providers.

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