Cloud App Transformation

Cloud Enabled Application Transformation

Cloud application migration and modernization is an imperative with legacy systems increasingly proving incapable of supporting unpredictable business demands, and large-scale, multi-geography deployments.

Enterprises are looking at means to save time and cost, provide competitive advantage and enable increased responsiveness. To deliver maximum value, the CIO is looking for secure, economical, scalable, reliable, and agile applications, particularly in terms of development, up-gradation, migration and deployment.

Virtecho assesses the Cloud readiness of your applications, and can effectively modernize and migrate applications to the Public Cloud. As a result, you can leverage the Cloud benefits of agility, scalability, and flexibility, while eliminating CAPEX and drastically reducing cost of ownership.

Virtecho has an integrated strategy to deliver Cloud enablement with tools and solution accelerators for end-to-end delivery, viz.

  • Cloud Advisory, Cloud application migration, implementation and managed services
  • Factory based model for cloud application migration and refactoring
  • Architecture blueprints for horizontal use cases and industry solutions
  • Cloud Assurance services for testing and security

Virtecho’s Cloud enabled Application Transformation portfolio of services includes:

  • Cloud Advisory Services: Virtecho offers expertise to enable organizations analyze and understand how their business applications are hosted in their current environment and carry out a deep-dive analysis of an application through workload profiling and rating, generating a heat-map of the application’s amenability towards Cloud.
  • Cloud Application Migration and Refactoring Services: Virtecho helps in assessing the Cloud fitment of applications (to be migrated) and requirements using in-house developed Cloud Assessment tool and Migration assessment tool. Virtecho offers website development, Faster Lotus notes app to migration , Storage solutions, hybrid Cloud solutions, Mobile app solutions, Social apps solutions, SaaS enablement, Multi-tenancy, Reporting, Business Intelligence, Big Data and HPC solutions for different Cloud vendors (, Microsoft Azure, and Google App Engine etc.)
  • Cloud Assurance Services: Virtecho helps Cloud Consumers and Providers embrace Cloud through its Assurance Services, which involves testing applications on Cloud, testing Cloud service provider’s implementation, providing performance testing on Cloud, providing development and test environment on Cloud and addressing security challenges through Virtecho’s Cloud Services.

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