BPaaS Solutions

BPaaS Solutions

Traditionally, enterprises have approached IT modernization and back office process enhancement in silos, by introducing multiple vendors with different technologies, platforms and operating systems, which limits process integrity & leads to disseminated responsibilities. In contrast, the Cloud revolution has made it much easier for enterprises to approach business transformation in a holistic manner, leading to a quantum leap in their business and IT practices and performance.

Encapsulating the key tenets of process management and​ optimization, Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) enables enterprises to have a single service provider capable of offering bundled end-to-end services i.e. Infrastructure, products, processes & services for their business.

Business Process as a Service helps organizations in process harmonization, optimal organization design and change management offering benefits beyond cost reduction. It provides enterprises greater agility in responding to changing market conditions, simpler and more effective governance, and reduced relationship management costs.

Virtecho brings together its in-depth vertical knowledge, combined with capabilities across Consulting, Business Processes and Cloud computing, to deliver BPaaS solutions that transform the way business processes are consumed in an organization.

Virtecho enables enterprises to do business better with its BPaaS solution portfolio:

  • HR BPaaS: Virtecho’s HR BPaaS is an efficient, replicable and repeatable HRO solution, leveraging industry-leading Cloud technologies, back office operations support and value-added services in an integrated, streamlined fashion to deliver high-quality HR services. Built on the Workday platform, the solution includes HR Process Consulting & change management consulting for effective HR Transformation.
  • Procurement BPaaS: Virtecho’s S2P BPaaS solution is an end to end Business Process as a Service platform which provides customers complete control over their spend and also improved supplier relationship management.

    Virtecho S2P BPaaS solution is built on a combination of industry leading SaaS solutions by leveraging best in class platforms across spend analysis, eSourcing, Contract Management, Procurement, Accounts Payable, Business Analytics reporting and SRM.

  • Loyalty BPaaS: Loyalty BPaaS is Virtecho’s holistic Loyalty solution and services offering that spans across Consulting, IT, BPO and Loyalty Marketing Services. It has been designed with an objective of helping you realize the full potential of CRM with respect to Loyalty and Marketing.
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