IT Maintenance

IT Maintenance Services

An organisation’s mission critical applications and hardware are only as good as their availability, which is why we tailor maintenance and support services to each client’s needs. Whether it’s across multiple sites or contingent on remote working, our experts will devise appropriate support and maintenance plans for your business.

We analyse the way your network and systems run and allocate appropriate expertise to manage it through a single point of contact. Remote monitoring and regular service calls are central to our approach. We resolve system performance issues on a real-time basis.

IT Maintenance services have been divided into 6 categories to suit your requirements.

IT Maintenance Services


Regular IT maintenance will help your business IT systems run more smoothly and make them less likely to break down, ensuring effective performance and reducing support costs.


So far the very meaning of the word "Service" in any IT related activity means "Reactive Support". i.e. We have a problem & someone attends (i.e. Reacts) to it. We have always done everything to prevent the Problem from occurring in the first place !!


The next level of services above the resident engineer, is FMS (Facility Management Services). Under this service a complete site study and documentation is first carried out.

On-Site Engineer

As technology becomes increasingly more complex, important resources necessary to keep the network running at optimal levels become more difficult to find and retain. Whatever the size of your company or the nature of your market, Virtecho has the right people for you.

IT Repair

IT Repair Service is a unique service to both home and business users, specialize in troubleshooting, servicing and repairing a wide variety of hardware and software-related personal computer issues and computer network problems.

Laptop Repair

Apart from the Regular Laptops we also have specialized & High-end Laptops like, Ultra Light Weight Note Books, Tablet Note Books, even Intel Atom processor based "NET BOOK" from all major Brands.