About Us

Virtecho is IT outsourcing services company headquartered in Noida, India. We primarily provide IT infrastructure Management, Annual Maintenance Contracts and cloud services.

We greet global clients by helping them outsource their IT, however, in collaboration with our Datacenter partner, we assist our clients to migrate their Datacenter components as per requirement. Virtecho is driven by industry experts who have out grown their skills and have achieved several milestones while pursuing their career. This has enabled us to provide a high level of customer satisfaction and deliver cost effective solutions.

To create a better word, innovations should keep unfolding. Therefore, we intend to invest a part of our profit in research and development so that we can comes up with creative ideas to furnish more cost-effective and well-tuned solutions. Desktop as a Service is where we are putting our efforts to make it one of our offerings. The announcement to avail it is coming very soon.

Our Vision

To earn global admiration while delivering customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To transform customers’ business problems into win-win opportunities.

To inspire continuous learning across the organization.

To work smart and play hard.